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Rail Transit-AFC

2019/05/31 17:24
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Typical Case -Rail Transit——Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

MRD子午线®—Rail Transit System Solution

MRD子午线®—Rail Transit AFC Feature

1.Rail Transit (AFC) network equipment should be fanless, with high protection glass and reliability,and redundant power supply to ensure the normal operation of the ticketing business.

2.The redundant switching time of each access network should be less than 50ms.

3.Field access ring network adopts industrial switches with high MTBF and high LifeTime.

4.AFC system can access to transmission node network (SDH) through Aggregation node of each site.

MRD子午线®—Rail Transit AFC

Network Topolpgy Scheme 1

Network Topolpgy Scheme 2

AFC Typical Network Topolpgy Structure

High Protection Class Industrial Switch

1.Full Switching Function—support layer-3 function, Avoid the network storm effectively.

2.Multi Port Form—Reach the protection requirement in any port forms(M12/RJ45).

3.High Protection Level—Support the requirements of IP54/IP65/IP67

4.Multi Port Function—Support optic fiber interface and BYPASS function.


Next Generation Industrial redundant Network

1. IEC orgnazation has already issued IEC62439-3-5 and regulated High-availability Seamless Redundancy(HSR) in 2012.

2. HSR protocol is a public and standard redundant protocol.

3. HSR protocol is a double-emission and optional-receiving mechanism to realize zero-packet-loss, zero switching time high redundant industrial ring network.

4. HSR(IEC62439-3-5) protocol and PRP(IEC62439-3-4) protocol can be adopted at the same time, and can realize the switching of network A and network B in hardware layer.

PRP-Parallel Redundancy Protocol

DANP is the node supporting PRP protocol, and separately connect network A and Network B.

DANP have same IP and MAC address in Network A and Network B, and send the same packet to Network A and Network B at the same time.


HSR-High Reliability Seamless Redundant Backbone Network

HSR+PRP Single IP 0ms Redundant Network

HSR 0ms Redundant Network

MRD子午线®—Vehicle Control Room Convergence Layer Industrial Switch

TNM4000 Module Vehicle Control Room Convergence Layer Industrial Switch


High Backplane bandwidth for high flow subsystem.

Fanless, IP40 protection Grade high reliable and uninterrupted running.

Equipped with 8 10G ports and 64 1000M ports at most, easy to do with high-density access.

7 hot plug service slots, to meet the on-demand configuration and flexible expansion.

MRD子午线®—Access Industrial Switch

TCC4100 Front Access Industrial Switch


M12 solid interface, high security industrial switches.

Fanless, IP40 protection Grade high reliable and uninterrupted running.

Redundancy time of ring network is less than 50ms, high redundancy ring network.

Be equipped with 12 1000M M12 interfaces, and meet the accessing requirements of service.

MRD子午线®——Product Stability:

1.MTBF—Mean time between failures

Based on SR-332 Algorithm

2.Lifetime—Average Lifetime

Based on the lowest operating parameters @ Operating Temperature Algorithm

3.Design—Details and experience of product design

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The difference between Immersion Gold and Tinplating;

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