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Monitoring system

2019/05/31 15:14
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Part of the Case—— Roadway、Bridge、Tunnel

MRD子午线®——Application Case in Transportation Industry

MRD子午线®——Monitoring System Features

1. The system needs to collect the traffic information and status in multi-directions. These information will be used to control the traffic information after being analyzed, processed and judged. Adjust and control the traffic flow in real time;

2. The collection point of monitoring system have dense terminals and large network bandwidth traffic; the popularity of HD video in monitoring system caused the sharp increase in network traffic;

3. The collected information includes the information of HD video monitoring、vehicle section detection、emergency detection、meteorological monitoring;


4. Long distance physical layout of expressway made the huge distance between the primary monitoring center/ public security center and the toll station, and the huge distance between the toll stations.

MRD子午线®——Demands and Challenges in Monitoring System

1. Terminal equipment with large quantity and variety. Most equipments are equipped with Ethernet interface, but there are also many terminals with serial interface and digital interface;

2. The distance between equipments is far. The distance between neighboring toll stations even can reach to 40~80km. It is a huge challenge to the deployment, connection and maintenance of equipments;

3. Uneven distribution of the monitoring terminal. It needs to deploy many monitoring terminals between the toll stations and their neighborhoods. But the quantity of terminals along the way is relatively less;

4. The power supply may be unstable due to the power supply according to road sections. And the monitoring system of some section may not work because of the power supply problem;

5. Electromechanical facilities are easy to be demolished by humans and be stole. Daily maintenance and management becomes a huge challenge due to the long distance;

MRD子午线®——Network Solution of Monitoring System—Dual-mode Optical Switching Network

The backbone bandwidth of Monitoring network can be up to 80Gbps;

Node density can be up to 3000 terminal equipments, and support elastic expansion;

Redundant protection time is less than 50ms;

Anti-attack penetration, high security, have authentication and registration access, effective anti-intrusion;

Support layer-3 routing, multicast function, and realize the service classification of sub-system;

Support star-like, chain-like and tree-like network; Save optical fiber resource; Core optical splitter is passive device with low failure rate and maintenance-free;

Industrial high temperature resisting design, professional anti-lighting design, fault type recognition based on dying gasp;

Detailed MIB. Support real-time monitoring management for all equipments at all  levels and blend in large management platform;

Mature technology, accord with international, domestic, industry-related hardware and software specifications, with versatility and interoperability.

MRD子午线®——Petroleum and Petrochemical Energy Industrial Network

1. Integrated data collection monitoring network system, oil producing equipment (beam-pumping unit) terminal monitoring data acquisition, using industrial network to return the data collected by Data Terminal Equipment.

2. Video monitoring network system, oil exploitation and oil pipeline transportation are important components of the oil industry. It need to real-time monitor the whole exploitation and transportation operation.

Video Monitoring System Topolgy

Meet the requirements of temperature, dust-proof, EMC in petroleum and petrochemical Industry.

Support industrial Ethernet network, recovery time of ring network self-healing link is less than 50ms.

Support passive optical network. Support bus structure , tree structure.

Passive optical network support hand-in-hand redundant protection.

Complete SNMP and friendly WEB interface.

Support POE+ function to solve the last 100m power supply for HD camera.

Data Monitoring System Topology

Meet the environment temperature、dust-proof and EMC and other harsh requirements.

Supporting Industrial Ethernet Ring Network, the link recovery time is less than 50ms.

Having low-speed serial interface and switching value signal access.

Small volume, compact and flexible, easy to install at the site.

Hierarchical Networking scheme, perfect network management SNMP and friendly web interface.

Support POE+ to solve the power supply  for HD camera in the last 100 meters.

MRD子午线®——Dual Mode Optical Network Core Switch

1.4T Backplane bandwidth—Easy to do with high-flow HD video traffic

Redundant configuration of key components(double master control + double power supply)—Completely realize continuous operation.

Equipped with 8 10G and 96 1G/PON ports at most—Easy to handle with high-density access.

8 hot plug service slots—To meet the on-demand configuration and flexible expansion.

TNM7000  Dual-mode Optical Network Core Switch

MRD子午线®——Industrial Ethernet Switch

L3 Switching Function—Avoid Network Storm effectively

Support 4 100M/1000MSFP, 8 Gigabit TX + 4 Serial —Easy Access to Multiple Terminals

Support 4 DI and 4 DO—Restart terminal devices remotely and anti-theft real-time alarm when open the door of cabinet.


Support 1 Sensor Port—Connect the sensor to monitor surroundings according to the requirements.


TCC4100 Industrial Switch

MRD子午线®——Video Monitoring Front-end Access Industrial ONU

Dual GEPON port uplink—Effectively prevent fiber failure and the switching time is less than 10ms.

1 relay output—Real-time dying-gasp.

Equipped with 4TX+4 serial ports—Easy Access to Multiple Terminals

2-way power supply—Connect the 2-way power supply according to the requirements to achieve the high level of redundancy.

ATS2000 Dual GEPON Industrial ONU

MRD子午线®——Product Stability:

1.MTBF—Mean time between failures

Based on SR-332 Algorithm

2.Lifetime—Average Lifetime

Based on the lowest operating parameters @ Operating Temperature Algorithm

3.Design—Details and experience of product design

The difference between air sucking and air blowing of the fan;

The difference between Conductive Oxidation and Spray Lacquer;

The difference between Immersion Gold and Tinplating;

The difference between single-port and multi-port of Network Transformer;

The difference between the lowest bottleneck of capacity and lifetime of electrolytic capacitor;

The difference between insulate and non-isolated power supply;

The difference of Software periodic memory check;