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Utility Tunnel Monitoring System

2019/05/31 18:03
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MRD子午线®——Utility Tunnel Monitoring System Overview

“Utility Tunnel” is a urban underground common trench . A tunnel will be built in the urban underground. It will gather all the engineering pipeline together, such as electricity、 communication、 gas、 heating and water supply and drainage. And the tunnel has special access port、 hoisting port and monitoring system to realize unified planning、unified design、unified construction and management.

Utility Tunnel is one important sign of modern, technological, and intensive urban construction. And it also is a infrastructure which make full use of the urban underground space and ensure the safe operation of the city.

The construction of the utility tunnel can promote overall coordination, save the resource of space, ensure urban security, reduce urban operating costs and raise management level.





MRD子午线®——Classification of Utility Tunnel System

Classification: The Utility Tunnel can be divided into main line and branch lines according to the role of the pipeline.

Basic Constitution

The main body of the building: main body、branch lines、pipeline wells、air outlets、brackets, etc.

Subsidiary Facilities:

Communication and electric lighting system

Fire fighting system

Drainage and ventilation system

Utility Tunnel Monitoring System (equipment and environmental monitoring、video monitoring、security and protection、fire alarming、voice communication、power monitoring and other subsystem.)

Monitoring Object: Ambient temperature and humidity of the pipeline、concentration of harmful gases、ventilation、 Pump status、liquid level of sump pit、 intrusion detection、video and so on.

MRD子午线®——Features of Utility Tunnel Monitoring System

1. Utility Tunnel early adopted industrial network bus. Now the industrial Ethernet has been widely used. And using fiber self-healing ring network as the backbone network becomes the trend;

2. Main Application: Industrial Ethernet + PLC System;

3. Data Monitoring is mainly for low-speed data acquisition terminal. The front end adopts PLC connecting the industrial Ethernet switch which has serial communication function;

4. Video Monitoring adopts HD video capture and distributed video storage. The front adopts HD IPC. Distributed NVR storage is used on site. Monitoring center calls the data;

5. The environment of Utility Tunnel is very harsh. It should adopt the devices with high MTBF and high Lifetime to ensure the overall stability of the system and the device also should have the three-protection process;

Topology of Video Monitoring System in Utility Tunnel

Topology of Data Monitoring System in Utility Tunnel

MRD子午线®——Industrial Ethernet Switch


TCC4100 Industrial Switch


Layer-three switching function——Avoid the network storm effectively

Support 4 100M/1000M SFP +8 1000M TX ports 4  serial ports——Realize the easy access to various terminal devices

Support 4 DI and 4 DO——Restart terminal devices remotely and anti-theft real-time alarm when open the door of cabinet

Support 1 temperature and humidity sensor interface——Connect the sensor to monitor surroundings according to the requirements

TNM4000 M12 Industrial Switch


Layer-three switching function——Avoid the network storm effectively

High reliability three-protection process——Anti-smoke, anti-moisture, anti-mold

High reliability solid interface——Adopt M12 solid interface

Self‐recovery time less than 50ms——Support MRD-Ring based high security redundant ring network

MRD子午线®——Product Stability:

1.MTBF—Mean time between failures

Based on SR-332 Algorithm

2.Lifetime—Average Lifetime

Based on the lowest operating parameters @ Operating Temperature Algorithm

3.Design—Details and experience of product design

The difference between air sucking and air blowing of the fan;

The difference between Conductive Oxidation and Spray Lacquer;

The difference between Immersion Gold and Tinplating;

The difference between single-port and multi-port of Network Transformer;

The difference between the lowest bottleneck of capacity and lifetime of electrolytic capacitor;

The difference between insulate and non-isolated power supply;

The difference of Software periodic memory check;